123 hp printer setup

123 hp printer setup

Enter your HP product name and model number to get the right HP Smart software and drivers for you. Install HP Smart software and drivers on each mobile device or computer from which you want to print and add the printer to the new device.

Printer Driver Installation

All Printers are shipped with an Installation CD that has the printer software driver. However, you can also download and install the software drivers for your printer..

The Driver Installation procedure is almost the same for printers with display and without display but if you want detailed information on the printer installation, you can visit the pages specific to your printer for more detailed instructions.

  1. Switch on your printer and computer.

  2. Make sure that they are connected to the same wireless network (Applicable for wirelessly enabled printers)

  3. Next, open a browser of your choice on your system .

  4. Enter the name of your printer along with its model number. For example, Officejet 3830. You can find the name and model number of your printer on the right hand side of the printer.

  5. Click the Download button and wait for the software to be downloaded.

  6. Once the download is completed, click on it to open it.

  7. If your system asks if it can allow Easy Start Utility to make changes to the system, click Yes to let it make changes to the system.

  8. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.

Troubleshooting Printer Setup

_After installing the device drivers and software from 123.hp.com/setup try connecting the printer to the computer If any problems occur then follow the steps below._

  • The computer will first list the list of printers and other devices connected to the same network after installing the device drivers and software.

  • TThen, select the name of your printer in the network-connected printers listed below. If your printer is not connected, click the Printer not shown option in the list. Then choose the connection method whether your printer system is connected to a wireless network, Ethernet cable, or USB cable.

  • TUpon selecting a wireless network, the system will attempt to connect to the printer again.

  • TThe system will prompt to temporarily connect a USB cable to the printer and system. Now connect the square end of the cable to the printer and the flat end to the computer.

  • TNext the computer will try to install the drivers and software. Then extracts and launches the software. Now follow the following steps given on the screen to complete the setup process.

  • TFinally, the wireless network setup will now install at printer 123.hp.com/setup. After successfully installing the setup remove the USB cable.